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dawnDawn Bianchini: Owner of Canoga Discount Birds lives with Shelly in Big Bear City and loves my new career move. I enjoy learning something new everyday. I breed the stores lovebirds, Red Rumps, and some canaries. I am also branching out into Conures, Pionus, and Caiques. I feed babies, hatch eggs, and often travel with a brooder. I enjoy educating people on their new companion and love seeing the bonds created between them.

felipeFelipe Mendoza: Born in Peru he came to this country as a young boy and has been working for the store for over a year. He is the small bird specialist and in his down time reads all the books and magazines he can about birds. He also assist in grooming and is  studying right now to become a Avian Certified Specialist. He is also bilingual and is an important asset to the store.

tempKaren Key: has been in the store for over 15 years. She is the groomer and feeds babies. She is working to renew her Avian Certification. Her knowledge of birds is extensive and specializes in love birds. She is always available to answer any questions you may have about your companions.


Shelly Port: Is the cheerful, warm, and friendly person who is usually chasing Oliver(his greenwing macaw) all over the store, and can be found at the register discussing the behaviors of peoples birds.